Why A1 Platform?

A1 Platform is the base on which all the A1 applications are built. We built the A1 platform in order to provide our customers and other external developers with a modern platform to build modern enterprise business applications.

Ease Of Use

A1 applications are built from the ground up to have the ease of use as found in modern consumer web based applications. We have redefined what a modern UI based on HTML5 should look & feel like. We are after the holy-grail that business applications should be intuitive enough to require no training.


A1 platform is designed and built to allow our applications to be built with speed by making extensive use of our Metadata driven UI engine that generates the HTML5 front-ends. By rendering the entire application at runtime, the A1 platform delivers the application to all users consistently and based on the latest version of the software, always!


A1 platform provides a modern IDE that developers use to extend and also build new applications on the A1 platform. With one of the most capable Application Generator engines, the A1 platform abstracts a lot of details that developers using traditional methods have to deal with. Using the A1 platform provides unparalleled productivity.


The future is in the Cloud! We look forward to the day when all enterprise business applications will be available at the touch of a button, and where owning software that needs extensive maintenance will be a thing of the past. With the A1 platform, multi-tenancy takes center stage, and goes deep into the most basic of our structures making any application written for the A1 platform multi-tenant ready from the word go!