1. Showing All The Prefixes by Default

    Each ASN page will show all prefixes announced by default, even for large quantities.
    The goal is to let the user use the browser native Ctrl F to quickly search for a prefix.
    The page is also streamed to the browser so top-most data is not withheld until all the page is loaded.

  2. Added Section Summary Statistics and New Navigation

    Each section (prefixes, rpki, connectivity, ixps and whois) now show some high level statistics, and became tabs. The goal is to show a useful overview of the ASN situation without requiring any further clicks or scrolls.

  3. ASN Population Estimate

    We use the Aspop project from APNIC to report an estimated number customers for each ASN.

  4. ASN Connectivity: Upstreams, Downstreams, Peers

    ASN connectivity is inferred from each BGP announcement using their AS_PATH, sourced from 10 different BGP routers.

  5. Improved Prefixes Visibility

    BGP prefixes are now gathered from 10 different location worldwide, resulting in a more precise prefix visibility percentage.

  6. Added Technical Entry for ASN Whois

    Technical contact details are added to existing Registrant, Administrative and Abuse contact details.

  7. Added IXPs

    We show the list of all Internet Exchange Points where each ASN has a presence. Sourced from PeeringDB every 6 hours.

  8. Added 4 Database Downloads

    Added 4 new database downloads: ASN List, Abuse Contacts, IP to Companies, IP to ASN. All available in both JSONL and CSV format.

  9. Database Optimization for Faster Response Time

    We optimized databases indices and materialized views to offer a sub 10ms query time.

  10. Export ASN Prefixes

    It's now possible to export ASN prefixes in JSON and CSV format. It also has a dedicated API endpoint.

  11. Prefix Organization, Location and Domain

    More inforation per prefix: the company or organization being allocated a given prefix, its country location and website domain.

  12. RPKI Distribution Per IP Version

    For both IPv4 and IPv6 we show the prefixes RPKI distribution. This allows to understand at a glance any ASN RPKI status.

  13. RPKI Data With Status Added

    We show the RPKI status for each prefix. It can be one of Valid, Invalid or Unknown. When Invalid we explain why. Support for BGBsec is now also visible.

  14. BGP Visibility Metric Added

    Depending on the number of ASN seeing a given prefix, we can derive all prefixes visibility over the Internet.

  15. Prefixes Announced Over BGP

    All prefixes announced over BGP by all ASN are listed, along with the number of IPv4 addresses per ASN and prefix.

  16. ASN Detail Page Shows Whois Entries

    The Registrant, Administrative and Abuse contact information are available for all ASN.